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Kings United Way is focused on building partnership with local stakeholders to develop the best community possible.

We advance this mission by empowering our citizens to donate their time, talents and money to work with the best possible partners to make sure services for people in need are available.

Whether it is addressing chronic homelessness, child health and wellness, or advocacy for seniors, our goal is to develop a community of healthy children, thriving students, responsive adults, and active seniors.


Current Events and News in the Kings County non-profit community. 

Agency Highlight- KCAO Women's Shelter

Laura Montoya

Kings United Way funding (provided by generous donors in our community) contributes to a number of programs around the county. The KCAO Women's Shelter shared with us a story of hope and triumph, made possible through the organization's efforts.

"We had a Domestic Violence client by the name of 'A', she was very quiet. 'A' stayed to herself, in the dining room she would adjust her seat to where her back was toward other clients. 'A' had no desire to interact with other clients let alone with the staff. 'A' has 2 children that were out of control,  affected by the abuse of their mother. None of the staff could get 'A' to speak or even express how she was feeling. Until the day I did a workshop entitled, “Co-Depended”, she began to speak and share her private thoughts. All the clients in the workshop were in shock, because they never heard her talk. I invited her to share more and she did. 'A' opened up 2 weeks into her stay at the shelter. 'A' made it a point never to miss a workshop after that.

      She gave me ideas of different things to talk about in workshops. 'A' was offered two jobs, and she accepted one of them. She takes pride in making money for her children. At the shelter, 'A' started to establish independence and a boldness that made her shine.  Now 'A' has her own apartment and is working. Her children are doing great and she looks at her life in a new way." - Lisa Ramos, Shelter Advocate