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Kings United Way is focused on building partnership with local stakeholders to develop the best community possible.

We advance this mission by empowering our citizens to donate their time, talents and money to work with the best possible partners to make sure services for people in need are available.

Whether it is addressing chronic homelessness, child health and wellness, or advocacy for seniors, our goal is to develop a community of healthy children, thriving students, responsive adults, and active seniors.


Current Events and News in the Kings County non-profit community. 

Agency Spotlight: Champions Recovery Alternative Programs


A well established figure in the community for many years, Champions Recovery Alternative Programs has been there helping people by “Putting Into Order Disordered Lives.” We got a chance to talk to their director this week about some of the programs they offer and community events they have coming up.


Champions Recovery Alternatives was founded in 2001 and was originally focused on addressing teen substance use, but in the 15 years that have followed they have grown larger and more mature, focused on their mission statement to “Put Into Order Disordered Lives.” This motto is put into practice every time they take on a new client, as they take the time to assess the individual, find their strengths and use those strengths to build up the pieces of a healthier individual with a better life. Over the last 15 years they have expanded and added a wide variety of behavioral, social, and emotional treatment programs which include: residential treatment programs, day reporting centers, outpatient substance use programs, interpersonal violence programs, as well as programs that focus on healthy parent and family relationships.

Recent successes

Recently they had an individual graduate from the residential treatment program who went on to complete his undergraduate degree at a local college. He graduated near the top of the class with one of the highest GPA’s and was invited to speak at the graduation ceremony. He is now furthering his education, attending college to receive his bachelor’s degree in accounting, and he has been reunited with his children.

Up Coming Events

On September 17th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Champions will be hosting Recovery Fest at Lacey Park. Revamped for 2016, Recovery Fest is now an all-inclusive event for all types of recovery like homelessness, mental illness, trauma, abuse, violence, and substance use. The event will host volleyball and basketball tournaments, a Kids Zone, vendors, enrollment and information booths, art exhibits, music, dancers, stories, and testimonials. The event will kick off at 8 am with the “Love is a Million Colors” color run. For more information, you can visit the link below or call (559) 772-8144