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125 W 7th St
Hanford, CA, 93230
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Kings United Way is focused on building partnership with local stakeholders to develop the best community possible.

We advance this mission by empowering our citizens to donate their time, talents and money to work with the best possible partners to make sure services for people in need are available.

Whether it is addressing chronic homelessness, child health and wellness, or advocacy for seniors, our goal is to develop a community of healthy children, thriving students, responsive adults, and active seniors.

Kings United Way and the Strength of a Community


Current Events and News in the Kings County non-profit community. 

Kings United Way and the Strength of a Community

Laura Montoya

Welcome, Friends, to our reinvigorated website and brand new blog! Though Kings United Way has been contributing to the non-profit community in Hanford and Kings County for nearly 50 years (yes, 50!), many of our neighbors are unfamiliar with our organization and the work we do to improve the community.

                In 1966, a group of concerned Hanford citizens banded together in an effort to raise money for area charities. This organization took the name Hanford Associated In-Group Donors (A.I.D) and set out to create a community chest using payroll deductions from the local work force. Though our name changed in 1986 to Kings United Way and we have broadened our scope, our priority within Kings County remains the same:

To increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another.

                In 2015, we call upon volunteers, donors, and community partners to find and fill needs within our county and we aim to improve the overall well-being of Kings County residents by providing non-profits in the area with the resources they need to continue their work.  We live by and often repeat three calls to action:



                First and foremost, we are a community chest. While large donations are always welcome and appreciated, our strength lies in our community; the small contributions of many have the power to change and even save lives. Simply put: non-profits need money and we help get it to them. Through payroll deductions at local businesses and organizations, one-time donations, and fundraising events, we raise and distribute funding to vetted organizations within our community.


               Our advocacy includes the administration of the Homeless Management Information System, which tracks the needs of homeless and marginalized citizens in our area. We manage and the 2-1-1 Hotline, providing 24/7 access to resources within Kings County for residents as well as service providers. We also support capacity-building efforts for non-profits in the area because we believe that in order to care for others, an organization has to take care of itself first.



                Finally, we want to get YOU involved. Our non-profit organizations are doing wonderful work and we want the residents of Hanford, Lemoore, Corcoran, Avenal, Stratford, Kettleman City, and Armona to be a part of it. lists volunteer opportunities available in our community and our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are geared towards informing the community and potential volunteers about how you can get involved.

                At Kings United Way, we want to be a resource to residents who may be looking to donate their time or money, who see a need in the community and want to fix it, or who may be looking for help for themselves or for a loved one. We also need to be a resource to the non-profits in the area, connecting them to the funding, volunteer workforce, and community at large. Everything we do depends on the strength of our community;